ScholarWorks@UMassAmherst: FY18 Annual Report [unknown]

Erin Jerome
1 Overview ScholarWorks@UMassAmherst is the open access digital repository for the research and scholarly output of all members of the University of Massachusetts Amherst community -students, faculty, staff, and associated researchers. It is administered by the UMass Amherst Libraries and represents a way for the university to organize, store, and share its research in a single unified location. The research, scholarship, and creative works housed in ScholarWorks are available to anyone,
more » ... e in the world regardless of institutional affiliation. This report represents a summary of ScholarWorks activity over the course of FY18 ( • ScholarWorks continues to see growth with 4,261 works added in FY18. This does represent a slight decrease from FY17. • ScholarWorks saw a 39% increase in full-text downloads from 1,626,823 in FY17 to 2,265,719 in FY18. • The three most downloaded collections were Masters Theses
doi:10.7275/br18-4x56 fatcat:3k26dutwyjgx5n3uqgccdahzjm