Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY, FLEET, NC

^^^^ ™ tWB^r^^ is as anmim^ or AH mmm mm rnmmm m m Oa robra&sry e # l*i«* tnoy* wat « dotaUawnt an aba Seaboard Aiy fcino Uailm-f at Float* H« @« # wbiob roattltod Itt tbo daata of tha aaginaBan sad injury to tbo ISMMB* After tavaatli&tian of tbio aooioeaa* tbo Obiaf of too Division of Safety reports oa foilossa* Tbo aiyioiaa oa whioh tbia aooidoat eooarrad ia a oinglft*tyaa& line, oyor ^Moa tbo ttovanoat of tralas ia govoraod by tima*»tab|o t train ardora aad a manual block signal oyatam* At
more » ... signal oyatam* At tbo paint of aoeido&t thoro or* laa faaoiag traoka* ana on oa»« aiao of aain tamak for ana aao of nortb boamd tralna and aao on tbo wast sida far tbo aoo of aoutb hound tralna* St waa at tbo south etdtan of tbo aor&b hoa&d pausing braoir that aao angina aad oars began to tara over* torn aieia tfraofc a#oroa©Bing tao paint of aooidoat fro© tbo south ia atraigfcb fay about 3*fO0 foot and the grail© io oligntly doaooadiag for aortb bound trains* At tbo tlsso of %h® aooloaat tbo uNNttfee? ana olosr. $ao troln lavolw4 »s aortb henad paaeoago? train Ho* XQ t known oa tbo Florida Limitod* an routa from tfloni t Hoy* ida v to Vim fork* Mow York. It oonolatod of leoaftotivo XQ1« 1 olab «ar # 1 4iaiag dor m$ 7 oloe^iag aara ff and vaa in ohargo of Conductor Rena and la^ia^aaa M^nt* *ai« train yamad soutbora ?inoa ff a station about four stiloasontn of 7ioot» at St id a* m*» 1 hoar and t3 sdnot®*; lata, aad at $188 a* au nan. dorailod ot Float, whilo running at a &poeti inoioatod by tbo aaood ro* etrnah the bottom of the ear* At the ease timet e«r oooeoeneed to roeh frea elde to aide end ha mm thrown to the floor* 7o the best of hie |nd|pe»t v the train was running at a spaed of a tent 43 Aileff en hour* eonsoeter Renn fnrfcber stated that tha entire train was iaepeoted at Hassle* aad that the ear til-aseohora had refort'sa to hia ahea they were through* He alee atated that aft*? tha aeoldant had aeeurrad ha 8*4* ah examine* tioa of tha traefc with a ttaw af determining if ?oa»lble« tha eauee af tha aaaideat* la found aa ia^riat af a fleas* aa tha tlea # this issprlat beginning at a ^aiat about 4 aaaeh length* fsam tha reaa? af hi* traia aad eaatiauiais ta th* awitah point* Ha atatad that ha found aa indication af aay hunahiau of tie** hraakian dosa of truefca er anything of that nature* fia further atated that he aaa um&hla to deterata* the oaaaa of the derail* sneab* Baggage »aater Blaatoa atated that tha flrat India*tioa he had of tha aapaadlug aaaideat waa a light a^iloatiaa of the braise* followed by another ap&lleatloa aaa thaa tha eater* geaey application* Ha thaa felt tha aay go off tha traek* lie st&ted that after the aaaideat occurred he aotioad a fiaag* mart oa the bl*a t *hlah ia hia aplalea hogaa. about alx ear lengths from tha rear of the tr*i&, eentiauing to tha *att*h point* Ko»dmsfflt^r Sewall atated that he arrived at the aaeaa of the oeoldeat at about 6tOO *» a* aad aad* aa inasreetloa of the traek beak froa the switch $olat for a diataaae of about 709 faet f but aaa unable to deteraiaa any the derailment should hare oeourred* Be atated tbat ha aotleed a aarfe oa tha tie* whioh iadlo^ted that either a wheel had heea tunning along oa them or aemabbias had been dragging* fie atated that ho found a number of low Joints and found the traek to be ea**-*i$htb of aa laah out of gauge at plmm, but it aaa hia opinion that thia aaadltioa tma aauaed by tha derailed wheel* of trala So* 10*
doi:10.21949/1506524 fatcat:gbp2dntiobaubpdrxw3ity66ge