Risk of disseminating apiary diseases by international movements of bees and their products
Risques de dissémination des maladies apiaires par les mouvements internationaux des abeilles et de leurs produits

C Fléché
1997 Rev Sci Tech Off Int Epizoot  
The evaluation of the risks of spreading bee diseases is based on information obtained from a wide variety of sources: reports of the world distribution of pathogenic agents; trade flow in bees and bee products; and observations and experimental data on the diseases. At present, this information is severely lacking and only enables a brief outline of trends to be made. Current data are inadequate to prevent the spread of diseases from one country to another. To improve this situation, it is
more » ... ituation, it is important that exporting countries establish epidemiological and health surveillance practices based on harmonised procedures and diagnostic tests. In addition, the products of apiculture should be given a permanent, specific nomenclature, drawn up by the World Trade Organisation.
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