Специфіка аудіовізуальної культури в мультимедійному просторі: звуковий аспект

Серафим Володимирович Желєзняк
2019 Культура і мистецтво у сучасному світі  
The purpose of the study is to identify the basic key properties of sound in audiovisual culture in a multimedia space, to determine how sound influences on the formation of this phenomenon. Methodology of the research. There were the scientific methods such as diachronic (presentation of the historical development of means for creating audio for a multimedia project), comparative (comparison and search of common and distinctive features in different properties and manifestations of audiovisual
more » ... ions of audiovisual works in multimedia), analysis and synthesis (disclosure of separate components of audiovisual culture in the multimedia space, in particular audio, its characteristics related to multimedia, and the synthesis of the phenomenon from the positions of reached results) to accomplish the article purposes. Scientific novelty. The article presents a new view on the definition of the concepts of a multimedia product as a digital file that determines the specificity of working with it, the multimedia space as a set of computer tools and projects that combine several types of data such as text, graphics, video, sound, etc. The use of sound in multimedia products, the influence of the work features with sound on the artistic component of the multimedia product and on the audiovisual culture in general have been analyzed in a new way. Conclusions. The work outlines the general characteristics of audiovisual culture of the multimedia space. In particular, various types of multimedia works have been identified; their features, which are related to their nature -that is, a complex synthesis of the types of information available in the projects, have been given. The aesthetic component of multimedia space, transformed due to specific artistic and technological dynamics, in particular the emergence of new examples of audiovisual content in multimedia space, has been analyzed. The main stages of the development of methods and tools for creating background in multimedia are described. The basic characteristics of sound and its role in the audiovisual culture works in the multimedia are shown.
doi:10.31866/2410-1915.20.2019.172449 fatcat:5dcjmpfbdvecrkgmnmbeotrrza