The utilization of gelled maize starch in the small intestine of sheep

R. W. Mayes, E. R. Ørskov
1974 British Journal of Nutrition  
I. A solution of gelled maize starch and Cr-EDTA was continuously infused for 4 weeks via the abomasum into sheep of different ages. The proportions of infused a-glucoside passing the terminal ileum as glucan (ethanol-precipitable a-glucoside), dextrins (ethanolsoluble glucose polymers) and glucose, and the glucan and over-all a-glucoside disappearances in the small intestine were determined. Ethanol-soluble a-glucoside compounds in ileal digesta were further separated by paper chromatography.
more » ... er chromatography. 2. Glucan was efficiently degraded, since little reached the terminal ileum. Most of the a-glucoside in ileal digesta consisted of glucose and dextrins (mainly short chain length oligosaccharides), suggesting that a-amylase activity was not limiting over-all starch utilization. 3. No adaptation of intestinal starch utilization was evident except that the proportion of infused a-glucoside passing the terminal ileum as glucose decreased with time. 4. A negative correlation existed between the pH and the total a-glucoside content of the ileal digesta, possibly relating to changes in the microbial activity. 5. The advantages and disadvantages of feeding with starch so as to by-pass rumen fermentation are discussed.
doi:10.1079/bjn19740064 pmid:4210587 fatcat:yvdqz3zrvvezfnpitvvpxz7t2i