Veterinary Science in Catalonia: 1996-2002*

M Paramio
Resum La investigació de la veterinària a Catalunya pot considerar-se una activitat relativament recent perquè els principals organismes públics que s'hi dediquen s'han creat en les últimes dècades. L'any1982 es va crear la Abstract Research in veterinary science in Catalonia can be considered a relatively recent activity since the main public entities dedicated to it were developed during the last few decades. The Faculty of Veterinary Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
more » ... created in 1982; the specialization animal CONTRIBUTIONS to SCIENCE, 3 (2): 221-248 (2006) Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona forum funding coming from agreements with the private sector. Compared to countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands, scientific output and quality in Catalonia are significantly lower. If public financing for innovative scientific research projects increased, surely these differences would in turn decrease. 226 M.T. Paramio Table 1. Veterinary science centers and research units in Catalonia.