A Novel Campylobacter jejuniTwo-Component Regulatory System Important for Temperature-Dependent Growth and Colonization

Ana M. Brás, Shimonti Chatterjee, Brendan W. Wren, Diane G. Newell, Julian M. Ketley
1999 Journal of Bacteriology  
Campylobacter jejuni colonizes the intestines of domestic and wild animals and is a common cause of human diarrheal disease. We identified a two-component regulatory system, designated the RacR-RacS (reduced ability to colonize) system, that is involved in a temperature-dependent signalling pathway. A mutation of the response regulator gene racR reduced the organism's ability to colonize the chicken intestinal tract and resulted in temperature-dependent changes in its protein profile and growth characteristics.
doi:10.1128/jb.181.10.3298-3302.1999 fatcat:emetom2h3jccrhijv23jpqco6i