Hierarchical Geometry Verification via Maximum Entropy Saliency in Image Retrieval

Hongwei Zhao, Qingliang Li, Pingping Liu
2014 Entropy  
We propose a new geometric verification method in image retrieval-Hierarchical Geometry Verification via Maximum Entropy Saliency (HGV)-which aims at filtering the redundant matches and remaining the information of retrieval target in images which is partly out of the salient regions with hierarchical saliency and also fully exploring the geometric context of all visual words in images. First of all, we obtain hierarchical salient regions of a query image based on the maximum entropy principle
more » ... nd label visual features with salient tags. The tags added to the feature descriptors are used to compute the saliency matching score, and the scores are regarded as the weight information in the geometry verification step. Second we define a spatial pattern as a triangle composed of three matched features and evaluate the similarity between every two spatial patterns. Finally, we sum all spatial matching scores with weights to generate the final ranking list. Experiment results prove that Hierarchical Geometry Verification based on Maximum Entropy Saliency can not only improve retrieval accuracy, but also reduce the time consumption of the full retrieval.
doi:10.3390/e16073848 fatcat:7yctov6psjbrviu5ctzx3t6w7e