Francisco de Paula de Arrangoiz. Apuntes para una biografía política y diplomática (1811- ¿1889?)

Raúl Figueroa Esquer, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
2019 Fuentes humanísticas  
This paper represents a preliminary investigation for a political and diplomatic biography of Francisco de Paula de Arrangoiz y Berzábal. The motivation of the author for writing are presented, as well as its methodology and the main primary and secondary sources used. A summary of the career of the figure is made, and, finally it includes reflections on its transcendence in the History of Nineteenth Century
doi:10.24275/uam/azc/dcsh/fh/2019v31n59/figueroa fatcat:obthw2apzrbspl6mkyrnp6adlm