New Kinematic Parameters for Quantifying Irregularities in the Human and Humanoid Robot Gait

Ivo Stancic, Tamara Grujic Supuk, Mirjana Bonkovic
2012 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
Gait patterns of humans and humanoid robots are often described by analysing changes in angular rotation of hip, knee and ankle joints during one gait cycle. Each joint displays specific behaviour and irregularities of the gait pattern could be detected by measuring displacements from the normal rotation curve, while small deviations of individual gait characteristics are usually not easily detected. In this paper, an advanced gait analysis method is proposed, which incorporates analysis of
more » ... tes analysis of angular data and its derivations of hip, knee, and ankle joints, presented in the phase plane. The gait kinematics was measured using a system based on active markers and fast digital cameras. The experiment included measurements on thirty healthy, barefoot humans while walking on a treadmill. We also simulated types of irregular gait, by measurements on subjects wearing knee constraints. The new kinematic parameters which are introduced clearly indicated the discrepancy between normal, healthy gait trials and irregular gait trials. The proposed gait factor parameter is a valuable measure for the detection of irregularities in gait patterns of humans and humanoid robots.
doi:10.5772/54563 fatcat:a2gqplg7tvby7arfxj4wkhmxiy