Higher level trigger systems for the HERA-B experiment

M. Dam, R. Dippel, S. Erhan, A. Gellrich, J.D. Hansen, J.R. Hansen, P. Kreuzer, I. Legrand, H. Leich, J. Luedemann, M. Medinnis, B. Rensch (+10 others)
1998 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
The HERA-B experiment [1, 2] is designed for observation of CP violation in the B-meson system at the HERA machine in DESY. The data acquisition and triggering system must cope with a half million detector channels, a 40 MHz interaction rate and a signal to background ratio of ¥ . A highly selective multi-level trigger and high bandwidth data acquisition system has been designed and is currently being implemented. The second-level event buffer and mid-level trigger switch will be built from DSP
more » ... boards carrying SHARC processors. The second and third level trigger code will run on a farm of 100-200 Pentium processors under Linux. The switch to the 4th level trigger farm will be based on fast-ethernet.
doi:10.1109/23.710937 fatcat:xudc6acskzgt7il65cfgdyzksi