A Study On Design of ZigBee Chip Communication Module for Remote Radiation Measurement
원격 방사선 측정을 위한 ZigBee 원칩형 통신 모듈 설계에 대한 연구

Joo-Hyun Lee, Seung-Ho Lee
2014 Journal of IKEEE  
This paper suggests how to design a ZigBee-chip-based communication module to remotely measure radiation level. The suggested communication module consists of two control processors for the chip as generally required to configure a ZigBee system, and one chip module to configure a ZigBee RF device. The ZigBee-chip-based communication module for remote radiation measurement consists of a wireless communication controller; sensor and high-voltage generator; charger and power supply circuit; wired
more » ... communication part; and RF circuit and antenna. The wireless communication controller is to control wireless communication for ZigBee and to measure radiation level remotely. The sensor and high-voltage generator generates 500 V in two consecutive series to amplify and filter pulses of radiation detected by G-M Tube. The charger and power supply circuit part is to charge lithium-ion battery and supply power to one-chip processors. The wired communication part serves as a RS-485/422 interface to enable USB interface and wired remote communication for interfacing with PC and debugging. RF circuit and antenna applies an RLC passive component for chip antenna to configure BALUN and antenna impedance matching circuit, allowing wireless communication. After configuring the ZigBee-chip-based communication module, tests were conducted to measure radiation level remotely: data were successfully transmitted in 10-meter and 100-meter distances, measuring radiation level in a remote condition. The communication module allows an environment where radiation level can be remotely measured in an economically beneficial way as it not only consumes less electricity but also costs less. By securing linearity of a radiation measuring device and by minimizing the device itself, it is possible to set up an environment where radiation can be measured in a reliable manner, and radiation level is monitored real-time. 요 약 본 논문에서는 원격 방사선 측정을 위한 ZigBee 원칩형 통신 모듈 설계방법을 제안한다. 제안된 ZigBee 원칩형 통 신모듈 설계는 ZigBee 시스템 구성을 위해 일반적으로 사용되는 2개의 칩 제어 프로세서와 ZigBee RF 디바이스로 구성되는 방식을 한 개의 칩 모듈로 설계한다. 원격 방사선 측정을 위한 ZigBee 원칩형 통신 모듈은 무선통신 통합제 어부, 센서 및 고전압 발생부, 충전 및 전원회로부, 유선통신부, RF 회로부 및 안테나부 등으로 구성된다. 무선통신
doi:10.7471/ikeee.2014.18.4.552 fatcat:kmhlwfiqp5aetasx2zshwuq4ui