Data Transmission Through a 16 Channel Micro-Opto-Mechanical Wavelength Add/Drop Switch

J.E. Ford, C. Chung, J.A. Walker, V. Aksyuk, D.J. Bishop, C. Doerr
1998 1998 Solid-State, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop Technical Digest   unpublished
We demonstrate operation of a 16 channel fiber optic wavelength add/drop switch using free space optical wavelength multiplexing and a column of MEMS tilt-mirror switches. 622 Mb/s data transmitted on 8 parallel wavelengths was switched between two input and two output ports without signal degradation.
doi:10.31438/trf.hh1998a.6 fatcat:nvnmhxtioje6tcztohgizzdzv4