Commonness, Difficulty, and Predictor of Higher Education Student Stressors

Cesar Medula
2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research   unpublished
Incontestably, stress affects every facet of life and lately there is a growing concern about increased stress amongst higher education students. This descriptive study aimed to establish prevalent student stressors and their predictors. To ascertain stressors' incidence and overall difficulty, two hundred thirteen undergraduate respondents were asked to accomplish a prepared questionnaire of highly hypothesized stressors and were asked to identify items that causes them stress and its level of
more » ... ss and its level of difficulty. Subsequently, educated profile variables were considered to find out significant stressor predictor. Findings revealed that usual student stressors were exceedingly academic-related which are apparently accentuated by the next-level quality assurance advocacy in higher education, with significant group differences across school and academic year and school as a considerable contributing factor. This suggests that a newly rationalized school-if not program-based and not largely institutional-based student stress management program may mitigate primarily the expected academic-related stress but more importantly overall student stress in general for a more satisfying university career.