Smart Agent and it's effect on Artificial Intelligence : A Review Study

Renas Rajab Asaad, Veman Ashqi Saeed, Revink Masud Abdulhakim
Current networking technologies, as well as the ready availability of large quantities of data and knowledge on the Internet-based Infosphere, offer tremendous opportunities for providing more abundant and reliable information to decision makers and decision support systems. The use of the Internet has increased at a breakneck pace. Some prevailing features of the Infosphere, however, have hindered successful use of the Internet by humans or decision support machine systems. To begin with, the
more » ... nformation available on the internet is disorganized, multi-modal, and spread around the globe on server pages. Second, every day, the number and variety of data sources and services grows dramatically. In addition, the availability, type, and dependability of information services are all changing all the time. Third, the same piece of knowledge can be obtained from a number of different sources. Fourth, due to the complex existence of information sources and possible information updating and maintenance issues, information is vague and probably incorrect. As a result, collecting, filtering, evaluating, and using information in problem solving is becoming increasingly difficult for a human or computer device. As a consequence, identifying information sources, accessing, filtering, and incorporating data in support of decision-making, as well as managing information retrieval and problem-solving efforts of information sources and decision-making processes, has become a critical challenge. To fix this issue, the idea of "Intelligent Software Agents" has been suggested. Although a precise definition of an intelligent agent is still a work in progress, the current working definition is that Intelligent Software Agents are programs that act on behalf of their human users to perform laborious information gathering tasks such as locating and accessing information from various on-line information sources, resolving inconsistencies in the retrieved information, filtering out irrelevant data.
doi:10.46291/icontechvol5iss4pp1-9 fatcat:uj5fjkf5zjabpkzshqdwrdx7cy