Review of the genus Alburnoides Jeitteles, 1861 (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) from Iran with description of three new species from the Caspian Sea and Kavir basins

J Caspian, Env, Sci
2015 unpublished
The genus Alburnoides Jeitteles, 1861 in Iran is reviewed, and diagnoses are presented for all eight recognized species. Alburnoides eichwaldii, A. holciki, A. idignensis, A. namaki, A. nicolausi, A. petrubanarescui, A. qanati and A. tabarestanensis are considered valid and three new species are described: Alburnoides coadi sp. n., from Namrud River in Kavir basin, A. parhami sp. n., from Atrak River in the southeastern Caspian Sea basin, and A. samiii sp. n., from Sefidroud River in the
more » ... n Caspian Sea basin. All species, except unstudied A. petrubanarescui are illustrated and characterized morphologically.