Tc-99m methylene diphosphonate versus Tc-99m pyrophosphate: biologic and clinical comparison

T G Rudd, D R Allen, D E Hartnett
1977 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
The biologic and imaging characteristics of Tc-99m MDP and Tc-99m PPi were compared in animals and patients using freeze-dried bone-imaging kits. Biodistribution data in rabbits showed Tc-99m MDP had slightly higher bone uptake, significantly lower blood levels, and faster urinary excretion compared with Tc-99m PPi. Duplicate studies performed on ten patients showed the following: (a) blood clearance of Tc-99m MDP was more prompt and complete, resulting in significantly lower blood levels at 4
more » ... blood levels at 4 hr; (b) urinary excretion was greater with Tc-99m MDP than with Tc-99m PPi; and (c) Tc-99m PPi showed significant red-cell labeling, whereas Tc-99m MDP did not. Image quality was generally better with Tc-99m MDP than with Tc-99 m PPi, although there was no obvious difference in diagnostic sensitivity between the two agents.
pmid:197133 fatcat:xr4cnf2qbvbg5muspsrrwpxm6a