Recovery of the physical performance of young volleyball players at the stage of specialized basic training using aerobic fitness tools

I.N. Sobko, L.A. Ulaeva, Zh.L. Kozina, I.B. Grinchenko, K. Glushko
2018 Zdorov'â, sport, reabìlìtacìâ  
The aim of the work was to identify the impact of the use of aerobic funds on the recovery efficiency of boys and girls involved in volleyball. Material and methods. The study involved athletes involved in volleyball in the amount of 30 boys and 30 girls (aged 16-17 years). For nine months during the recovery microcycles, athletes engaged in fitness with aerobic elements with a fitness trainer. Before the study, medical records of all subjects were analyzed, containing observations of the
more » ... ations of the athletes for 1 year. The analysis of the medical records led to the conclusion that during the last year all the examiners were healthy, but there was no improvement in the recovery processes. Therefore, it was decided to develop and use a special method of recovery and improve performance. To this end, a methodology was developed to improve the performance and improve the recovery processes using aerobic equipment. Results. Significant differences were found according to the results of the "Jumping rope for 1 min" and "Raising the body from the prone position to the sitting position for 30 s" tests before and after the experiment. After the experiment, the amount of loss of the ball in the test with an attacking blow was significantly lower compared with the data before the experiment. As a result of the use of fitness with aerobic elements in the training process of volleyball players 16-17 years old, the level of functionality and physical fitness indicators of athletes has increased significantly. Findings. The developed technique has a positive effect on both girls and boys. Under the influence of the developed methodology, the improvement of recovery processes in girls is more pronounced compared with boys.
doi:10.34142/zenodo.1468290 doaj:b03fe6451e2a405ebe0d06587e2962af fatcat:4hndlgfqyngttcvg7vzt2kxxny