Wavelength dependent propagation and reconstruction of white light Bessel beams

P Fischer, H Little, R L Smith, C Lopez-Mariscal, C T A Brown, W Sibbett, K Dholakia
2006 Journal of Optics. A, Pure and applied optics  
Bessel beams are propagation invariant light fields. It has very recently been shown that they may be created with temporally incoherent (white) light. Such fields may have applications in low coherence interferometric imaging for biomedicine and optical micromanipulation. White light Bessel beams may be deemed at first glance to generate a white focal line of light at the beam centre due to the absence of chromatic aberration. We investigate the spectral characteristics of the reformation or
more » ... he reformation or self-healing of this light field in the presence of a circular obstruction and reveal that the spectral characteristics of the beam generation and reformation results in a dispersive focal line at the beam centre which is 'white' only over a certain region.
doi:10.1088/1464-4258/8/5/018 fatcat:63bdyfudtbcnnekax766lgp2uq