Advances in Cross-Cutting Ideas for Computational Climate Science [report]

Esmond Ng, Katherine J. Evans, Peter Caldwell, Forrest M. Hoffman, Charles Jackson, Van Dam Kerstin, Ruby Leung, Daniel F. Martin, George Ostrouchov, Raymond Tuminaro, Paul Ullrich, S. Wild (+1 others)
2017 unpublished
Rockville, MD Cover Clockwise, beginning with the top of the cube: Description: Mesh representation of the coastlines of Greenland within the CISM-Albany model using a new algebraic multigrid solver, an ice sheet component option within ACME. Description: Monthly averaged Sea Surface Temperature from years 71-100 of a test simulation of the beta v1 ACME model with active ocean, sea ice, atmosphere, and land surface components. Courtesy of Milena Veneziani, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and
more » ... Laboratory, and the DOE ACME ocean model development team. Description: Snapshot of instantaneous integrated water vapor from a development version of the ACME model atmosphere component. Courtesy of Kate Evans, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the DOE ACME atmosphere model development team.
doi:10.2172/1341564 fatcat:6hruynbb5bgrxi5bvvhyxz2sj4