Features of outstanding outsourcing in the system of personnel management

2020 Economics. Finances. Law  
Global globalization, increased competition in domestic and global markets, the volatility of the market environment, require any modern company or organization to respond quickly and effectively to change. Today in order to survive, more and more businesses are forced to look for new effective methods of enterprise management and personnel management in particular. The paper reveals the main features of the differences, the content and critical assessment of the concepts of outsourcing staff.
more » ... he analysis of the anti-crisis method of applying outsourcing by dividing the existing personnel of the company into three categories taking into account the results of an objective assessment of their activities, achievements and opportunities. The peculiarities of the outsourcing market for personnel management services in Ukraine and the main trends in this area are clarified. The essence of the concept of "staff outstaffing" is revealed. The experience of using outstaffing as an effective tool of personnel management is considered. The basic prerequisites for using outstaffing are revealed. Its positive and negative sides are identified. The prospects of using outstaffing in project management have been clarified. Outsourcing should not be considered as a universal tool for solving business issues and problems, as there are tasks that cannot be outsourced to independent professionals. Any business strategy of the company must be consistent with the likely risks. Quite often the use of outsourcing, for example, can create additional difficulties.
doi:10.37634/efp.2020.4(2).2 fatcat:hkyo2r7fcbfw7aw4fpnjpxqoge