Rethinking Latin American Communicology in the Age of Nomad Culture: Transnational Consumption and Cultural Hybridizations

Jéssica Retis, Francisco Sierra Caballero
2011 Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture  
Usingthetheoryofmigratorynetworksandthelegacyofthecriticaltheoryofthe developmentalist models, this article puts forward a critical approach of the deficiencies of certain cultural consumption analyses in Latin America. It aims to develop an understanding of the production of high culture and distribution and reception processes in the transversal logic behind the constitution of migrating multitudesandtheirappropriationofthemediacontentofglobalsociety.Thiswork
more » ... inAmericanmassmediaandmigrationswiththeaimofconsidering currentinterculturalandtransculturalcommunicationfromthecriticalperspective of cultural consumption and reception in the Latin American field of communicology. The rapid, transversal changes in the 'techno-informational' production and reproduction devices of modern societies are shaping a new cultural ecosystem whose configuration and organizational logic is both unstable and hazardous. The uncertaintyprovokedbythissituationisunderstandableatamomentoftransition for capitalist society, affecting to the same extent cultural codes, forms of spatiotemporalrepresentation,habitsandpracticesofinteractionandpublicknowledge, and regulation and control models revolving around telematic networks and infrastructures. The transformations of the public domain and dominant socio-
doi:10.16997/wpcc.164 fatcat:sknisyn755arje74peashyucki