Dr Wahidullah Safi, Dr Ali Haidar Bhatti, Dr Muhammad Tahir
2020 Zenodo  
Purpose: The radial artery is used to supplement internal mammary arteries and vein grafts in coronary artery bypass grafting. This study was conducted to examine the early and mid-term results of a radial artery (RA) transplant in terms of quality of life. Material and Methods: A retrospective descriptive study was conducted at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore. All patients who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting during this period were included in the study. Perioperative
more » ... les were recorded and the quality of life was assessed using the EuroQol 5D questionnaire. Results: A total of 429 patients were operated on in that period. Radial artery was used in 185 patients, out of which 157 (84%) were males and 28(16%) were females. .We performed off pump coronary artery bypass in 155(84%) patients and on pump coronary artery bypass in 30(16%) patients. Of the selected patients, 84 (45%) smoked, 81 (43%) had diabetes, and 104 (56%) had hypertension. Renal failure occurred in 4 (2.1%) off pump patients, while no patient with on pump reported renal failure. Wound infection affected 5 (3.22%) off pump patients and 1 (3.3%) with on pump patients. Only one patient with on pump (0.05%) experienced a 30-day mortality. In the middle of this period, patients expressed an opinion on the EuroQol study. Eighty-two percent followed the thirty-minute walk plan with a minimum distance of 1 km. Patients were aware of the concept of self-care because 99% regularly received medication. In addition, 83% of patients are painless. Conclusion: The radial artery gives immediate acceptable results and increases quality of life in the mid-term. Further clearance studies are needed to assess coronary artery bypass graft. Keywords: radial artery, coronary revascularization transplant, results.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3834770 fatcat:yxhw4fx35rg6fg3otvncpeeuwe