Hydrogen and the Rare Gases

1915 Scientific American  
191 CUlUl'ldioll ill tIle very brief time of the test. In ill Y experiments our general procedure has been to heat the treating vessel until the desired pressure is indicated, when the heating is at once stopped, and the treating vessel cooled and emptied. We have found that when, instead of raising the pressure to the desired treating maximum, amI installtly cooling the vessel, we raise to a somewhat lower temperature, and maintain thi,.; temperature for five or ten minutes, we get practically
more » ... we get practically an equivalent result. Where a catalyst is used, as de scribed, it is possible to use a much lunge I' pressure, and still obtain a normal synthetic crude oil.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03201915-191asupp fatcat:ckrp5z55b5ainbbnzeutx4reqq