A Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem considering Satisfaction Level of Customers: A Genetic Algorithm

Mahnaz Naghshnilchi, University of Isfahan
2019 Iranian Journal of Operations Research  
Capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) is one of the most well-known and applicable issues in the field of transportation. It has been proved to be an NP-Complete problem. To this end, it is needed to develop a high-performance algorithm to solve the problem, particularly in large scales. This paper develops a novel mathematical model for the CVRP considering the satisfaction level of demand nodes. Then, the proposed model is validated using a numerical example and sensitivity analyses that
more » ... ivity analyses that are implemented by CPLEX solver/GAMS software. To solve the problem efficiently, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is designed and implemented. The obtained results demonstrate that the proposed GA can yield high-quality solutions compared to exact solutions.
doi:10.29252/iors.10.1.117 fatcat:izgzypritbd2fnur5cwwjvfbwq