Co-creation Knowledge Storage Model for Local Government Innovation

Hyung Rim Choi, Min Je Cho
2015 unpublished
Co-creation is a concept that diverse stakeholders of a community communicate and cooperate based on IT so that all participants create new values. To effectively utilize co-creation for regional innovation, knowledge storages are necessary that will support users to find measures to solve newly arising community problems with existing success and failure cases. Therefore, in this study, a knowledge storage model was developed to systematically store cases of regional innovation and community
more » ... ion and community problem solving, effectively retrieve cases required by users, and utilize co-creation strategy. To this end, literature review and expert interviews were conducted to analyze user requirements and the concept, functions, architecture, data structures and attributes of co-creation knowledge storages were defined. In addition, processes through which knowledge storages utilized for regional innovation were presented as a scenario. This study contributed to science research data related to co-creation knowledge storages for regional innovation are accumulated and follow-up studies on knowledge storages are induced.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.120.06 fatcat:swsbzawaznhnbd5idryxbs23di