Could a Large Spectrum of Super-Heavy Elementary Particles and Micro Black-Holes be Responsible for Dark Matter?

J Michael Köhler
2017 International Journal of Atomic and Nuclear Physics  
A concept of a large spectrum of particle masses is suggested in order to discuss the problem of dark matter in the universe. Therefore, a simple scheme of particle classes can be formulated by using the Large Number Hypothesis bridging elementary and cosmological data. The proposed scheme includes a common approach for a rough distinction of groups of elementary particles, which can be distinguished by many orders of magnitudes of their rest masses. Probably, the maximal rest masses of
more » ... s as well as the masses of hypothetical heavy Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) can be included in the scheme. Under the assumption of the elementary character of the super-heavy particles, it is proposed to assume the formation of micro-black-holes by them contributing to the missed masses.
doi:10.35840/2631-5017/2504 fatcat:uvh7uw5ce5derk5lhwh5yrubvm