Laboratory Test Report for ThermaStor Ultra-Aire XT150H Dehumidifier [report]

D. Christensen, J. Winkler
2009 unpublished
This report documents the measured performance of the ThermaStor Ultra-Aire XT150H Dehumidifier. The equipment is an ENERGY STAR® vapor-compression cycle wholehouse unit. Its performance was measured across a wide range of inlet air conditions and fit to a numerical model with R-squared values greater than 0.998 for electrical power consumption, sensible and latent load removal. The numerical fit was then used to implement the Zone Air Direct-Expansion (DX) Dehumidifier performance model in
more » ... gyPlus. The authors would like to acknowledge Jeff Tomerlin of NREL for his assistance with data collection. ii
doi:10.2172/972166 fatcat:qnof5fwvf5gbfhnn45yk4zuv5u