Possible influence of ultra-fast Kelvin wave on the equatorial ionosphere evening uplifting

H. Takahashi, M. A. Abdu, C. M. Wrasse, J. Fechine, I. S. Batista, D. Pancheva, L. M. Lima, P. P. Batista, B. R. Clemesha, K. Shiokawa, D. Gobbi, M. G. Mlynczak (+1 others)
2009 Earth, Planets and Space  
Equatorial 3.5-day ultra-fast Kelvin wave was observed in the MLT zonal wind measured by meteor radar at Cariri (7.4 • S, 36.5 • W, geomag. 8 • S) and in the stratosphere-mesosphere temperature structures from the TIMED/SABER data. The ionospheric F-layer bottom-side virtual height h F and the critical frequency f o F 2 observed at Fortaleza (3.9 • S, 38.4 • W, geomag. 5 • S) also showed similar oscillation structures, indicating an influence of the Kelvin wave in the F region height and
more » ... n height and modulation of E × B uplifting during the evening period. Consequently the ionospheric spread F onset time was also modulated in the same period, around 4 days.
doi:10.1186/bf03353162 fatcat:x2cv6ol4crb7vjgczeddalj6rq