Edge Irregular Reflexive Labeling for Disjoint Union of Generalized Petersen Graph

Juan Guirao, Sarfraz Ahmad, Muhammad Siddiqui, Muhammad Ibrahim
2018 Mathematics  
A graph labeling is the task of integers, generally spoken to by whole numbers, to the edges or vertices, or both of a graph. Formally, given a graph G = ( V , E ) a vertex labeling is a capacity from V to an arrangement of integers. A graph with such a capacity characterized is known as a vertex-labeled graph. Similarly, an edge labeling is an element of E to an arrangement of labels. For this situation, the graph is called an edge-labeled graph. We examine an edge irregular reflexive
more » ... reflexive k-labeling for the disjoint association of the cycle related graphs and decide the correct estimation of the reflexive edge strength for the disjoint association of s isomorphic duplicates of the cycle related graphs to be specific Generalized Peterson graphs.
doi:10.3390/math6120304 fatcat:es63xfsuqjeonkv7bdy2yidlei