Case Study on Induced Seismicity during the Injection of Fluid Related to Energy Development Technologies
에너지개발기술에 있어 유체주입에 따른 유발지진 발생 사례분석

Chung-In Lee, Ki-Bok Min, Kwang-Il Kim
2014 Tunnel and Underground Space  
Induced seismicity related to four energy development technologies that involve fluid injection or withdrawal: geothermal energy, conventional oil and gas development including enhanced oil recovery (EOR), shale gas recovery, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) is reviewed by literature investigation. The largest induced seismic events reported in the technical literature are associated with projects that did not balance the large volume of fluids injected into, or extracted from the
more » ... from the underground reservoir. A statistical observation shows that the net volume of fluid injected and/or extracted may serve as a proxy for changes in subsurface stress conditions and pore pressure, and other factors. Energy technology projects that are designed to maintain a balance between the amount of fluid being injected and the amount of fluid being withdrawn, such as geothermal and most oil and gas development, may produce fewer induced seismic events than technologies that do not maintain fluid balance, such as long-term wastewater disposal wells and CCS projects.
doi:10.7474/tus.2014.24.6.418 fatcat:ntqrdtnl4zbxlcxqbcnrrxno2q