Computing the Coulomb interaction in inhomogeneous dielectric media via a local electrostatics lattice algorithm

F. Fahrenberger, C. Holm
2014 Physical Review E  
The local approach to computing electrostatic interactions proposed by Maggs and adapted by Pasichnyk for molecular dynamics simulations is extended to situations where the dielectric background medium is inhomogeneous. We furthermore correct a problem of the original algorithm related to the correct treatment of the global dipole moment, provide an error estimate for the accuracy of the algorithm, and suggest a different form of the treatment of the self-energy problem. Our implementation is
more » ... ghly scalable on many cores, and we have validated and compared its performance against theoretical predictions and simulation data obtained by other algorithmic approaches.
doi:10.1103/physreve.90.063304 pmid:25615219 fatcat:pjhmbphjjvcibetkpatpyc6gwq