Lollipop, Don't Be a Hero

Jennida Chase
ii Acknowledgement I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued support of my creative and academic endeavors. At VCU I would like to thank many people for their help in the past two years and on my thesis project. First, I would like to thank Paul Thulin for his support and direction as my advisor during these past two years at VCU. Second, I would also like to thank Heide Trepanier for encouraging me to experiment and for supporting my ideas, and for her generosity. Third,
more » ... generosity. Third, I would like to thank Sonali Gulati for her guidance and for continuously helping me edit and revise projects, as well as encouraging me to look for ways to show my work and look to the future. I would like to thank Hope Ginsburg for introducing me to inspiring art theory and for reminding me that performance in art can be powerful. Thanks to my committee for their valuable insight and patience, and for their encouragement! Thanks to the many people who helped make on Lollipop, Don't Be a Hero happen. Thanks to Jake Dodd for being my director of photography, for his generosity with his time and the donation of film stock. Thanks to Lily Lamberta for helping me with fantastic set design. Thanks to Claire Large for her amazing and innovative wardrobe design. Thanks to Kenny Yeats for working on parts of the soundtrack. Thanks to Hassan Pitts who photographically documented the recordings, the film shoot and the performance. Thanks to the cast and crew of the project for donating their time and energy. Thanks to John Hendershot for keeping the shoot on track. Thanks to Leon Roper for designating the perfect space to show the film. Thanks to Robert Sandkam for making it possible to show the film in Blu-ray. And last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all the waitron in the world.
doi:10.25772/8mvs-tr58 fatcat:ro5yslufwze7xanqr22an6fmae