Coordinated increase of reliable cortical and striatal ensemble activations during recovery after stroke

Ling Guo, Sravani Kondapavulur, Stefan M. Lemke, Seok Joon Won, Karunesh Ganguly
2021 Cell Reports  
Skilled movements rely on a coordinated cortical and subcortical network, but how this network supports motor recovery after stroke is unknown. Previous studies focused on the perilesional cortex (PLC), but precisely how connected subcortical areas reorganize and coordinate with PLC is unclear. The dorsolateral striatum (DLS) is of interest because it receives monosynaptic inputs from motor cortex and is important for learning and generation of fast reliable actions. Using a rat focal stroke
more » ... el, we perform chronic electrophysiological recordings in motor PLC and DLS during long-term recovery of a dexterous skill. We find that recovery is associated with the simultaneous emergence of reliable movement-related single-trial ensemble spiking in both structures along with increased cross-area alignment of spiking. Our study highlights the importance of consistent neural activity patterns across brain structures during recovery and suggests that modulation of cross-area coordination can be a therapeutic target for enhancing motor function post-stroke.
doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109370 pmid:34260929 pmcid:PMC8357409 fatcat:6fuacpgyrvhcpb36huoilcpelu