Interval in the replacement of in vitro culture medium affects the integrity and development of equine preantral follicles

Camila Bizarro-Silva, Suellen M. González, Isabela Búfalo, Andressa G. Lindquist, Fabiana D. Sarapião, Marcelo M. Seneda
2018 Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira  
ABSTRACT: The efficiency of a culture system is related to the elaboration and replacement of a medium with conditions suitable for follicular development. Recent investigations suggested that in vitro culture medium should be replaced after specific time periods in various species. However, the suitable interval for the exchange of in vitro culture medium has not yet been established in equine species. The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of medium exchange intervals
more » ... exchange intervals of 24 hours (T24) or 48 hours (T48) for in vitro culture of preantral follicles at 2 or 6 days. At the end of the culture period, the fragments were processed using classical histology. Equine preantral follicles were classified according to morphological integrity and developmental stage. Data analysis was performed using Fisher's test with a significance level of p<0.05. Out of a total of 399 follicles evaluated, 174 (43.6%) were primordial follicles, 225 (56.4%) were in development, and 63.76% were morphologically intact. In the in vitro culture performed over two days, there was no significant difference in relation to follicular integrity after medium replacement (p>0.05). Compared to the medium replacement at six days of culture, there was a statistically significant difference for T24 (68.9%, p<0.05). Therefore, we suggest changing the medium for equine species at 48 hours after the start of culture followed by subsequent daily replacements.
doi:10.1590/1678-5150-pvb-5723 fatcat:scyvwyskovghbmu4qbutllxj4e