Benchmark calculations of electron impact electronic excitation of the hydrogen molecule

Tom Meltzer, Jonathan Tennyson, Zdenek Masin, Mark Christian Zammit, Liam Hall Scarlett, Dmitry V Fursa, Igor Bray
2020 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics  
We present benchmark integrated and differential cross-sections for electron collisions with H_2 using two different theoretical approaches, namely, the R-matrix and molecular convergent close-coupling (MCCC). This is similar to comparative studies conducted on electron-atom collisions for H, He and Mg. Electron impact excitation to the b ^3Σ_u^+, a ^3Σ_g^+, B ^1Σ_u^+, c ^3Π_u, EF ^1Σ_g^+, C ^1Π_u, e ^3Σ_u^+, h ^3Σ_g^+, B' ^1Σ_u^+ and d ^3Π_u excited electronic states are considered.
more » ... s are presented in both the fixed nuclei and adiabatic nuclei approximations, where the latter is shown only for the b ^3Σ_u^+ state. Good agreement is found for all transitions presented. Where available, we compare with existing experimental and recommended data.
doi:10.1088/1361-6455/ab8c58 fatcat:tn3caeddivhhpeeyjvlaqkczge