И.Н. Журавлева, М.В. Влавацкая
The article concerns the construction of a structural scheme of chess game terms in the English language and is aimed at identifying existing and productive ways and models of their formation. Terminological modeling allows to predict the development of terminological systems as a whole. The authors define a chess term as a word or phrase of the chess language, created and used to unambiguously express a concept, as well as to designate objects or phenomena related to the chess game. Its main
more » ... ss game. Its main feature is a strict correlation with a certain chess concept, action or phenomenon. Chess terminology is a set of lexical units that includes the structural and semantic relations of special concepts of the chess game. The article notes that the term system of the chess game is characterized by dynamism and therefore requires a deep linguistic analysis in various aspects, including structural ones. Thus, the main content of the study is the analysis of the formation of chess terms by the number of their components. The authors come to the conclusion that in English, in addition to one-word units, chess terminology has terminological phrases of varying degrees of complexity and connectedness. Considerable attention is paid to the identification of word-formation models of terminological units of chess, created in accordance with morphological, morphological-syntactic, syntactic ways of forming units. On the basis of the structural analysis, it has been established that, according to structural models, chess terminological units are divided into one-component, multicomponent, terminological phrases and phrasal combinations, where multicomponent units constitute a quantitative advantage. The research allows to consider the study of English terms of the chess game in the structural aspect as important and relevant.
doi:10.24412/1991-5497-2021-287-534-539 fatcat:ffeyez4huvbmhopt57rargz2ou