A Study on the Renewal of Urban Public Facilities by Interaction Design in the Context of Smart Cities

Boning Zhang, Younghwan Pan
2021 The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics  
The purpose of this study is to explore the renewal of urban public facilities in the context of smart cities and the key factors in the interaction design of urban public facilities to make them more intelligent, humanized, informative, to meet the high-level needs of the public and the digital lifestyle in the digital age, and to enhance the usability of urban public facilities as well as the experience of the public. In this study, we went through a desktop research phase and a questionnaire
more » ... research phase. In the desktop research phase, the literature method and case study method were used to study the experience of urban public facilities innovation in the context of smart cities at home and abroad and related cases, the use of interaction design in urban public facilities, and technology trends; through the questionnaire research, the public satisfaction with existing public facilities, as well as the needs and views on urban public facilities renewal aspects were investigated. Through relevant research, we believe that the renewal of urban public facilities from the perspective of interaction design should focus on intelligent and humanized services, diversified functions and new user experience, multi-directional feedback of interactive information, and connectivity with urban culture and surrounding space. To realize the intelligence, humanization, informatization of urban public facilities, integrate urban public facilities into the intelligent system of the future city, and finally realize the synergistic development of urban public facilities renewal and smart city.
doi:10.5100/jje.57.k6 fatcat:5kdlh5uhcbcj7gscurh7dhxn6q