Electrorefining of Aluminum in BaCl2-NaCl Melts Containing AlF3-NaF

Mikito UEDA, Shoichi KONDA, Takeshi SASAKI, Tatsuo ISHIKAWA
1998 Electrochemistry  
Anodic dissolution behavior ofseveral aluminum alloys containing Fe(1-3mass%),Si(0.2-3mass%)and Mg(0.3mass%)was investigated in molten salts predominantly compOsed of chloride,which were developed for electrorefining of aluminum from aluminum scraps in a three−1ayer ce1L During12hour electrolysis using the aluminum alloys,the aluminum content in the melts,5mol%AIF3−NaF−BaCl2−NaCl,was kept constεlnt and the overvoltage of both anodic and cathodic reactions was negligibly small.It suggested that
more » ... he melts were applicable to the system for Al electrorefining.The analysis of the melts and the deposited Al every three hours showed that Fe content in the deposited Al was less than O,01mεしss%and that of Mg was neg/igibly small,and the contents of Si became about one thirtieth of the starting anode alloys,The Fe contellt up to3mass%in anode al/oys brQught about no significant problems.
doi:10.5796/kogyobutsurikagaku.66.164 fatcat:wl7sdttnrrgh7mgx5twxzmo7vq