An Improved Multipath Mitigation Method and Its Application in Real-Time Bridge Deformation Monitoring

Ruicheng Zhang, Chengfa Gao, Qing Zhao, Zihan Peng, Rui Shang
2021 Remote Sensing  
A multipath is a major error source in bridge deformation monitoring and the key to achieving millimeter-level monitoring. Although the traditional MHM (multipath hemispherical map) algorithm can be applied to multipath mitigation in real-time scenarios, accuracy needs to be further improved due to the influence of observation noise and the multipath differences between different satellites. Aiming at the insufficiency of MHM in dealing with the adverse impact of observation noise, we proposed
more » ... noise, we proposed the MHM_V model, based on Variational Mode Decomposition (VMD) and the MHM algorithm. Utilizing the VMD algorithm to extract the multipath from single-difference (SD) residuals, and according to the principle of the closest elevation and azimuth, the original observation of carrier phase in the few days following the implementation are corrected to mitigate the influence of the multipath. The MHM_V model proposed in this paper is verified and compared with the traditional MHM algorithm by using the observed data of the Forth Road Bridge with a seven day and 10 s sampling rate. The results show that the correlation coefficient of the multipath on two adjacent days was increased by about 10% after residual denoising with the VMD algorithm; the standard deviations of residual error in the L1/L2 frequencies were improved by 37.8% and 40.7%, respectively, which were better than the scores of 26.1% and 31.0% for the MHM algorithm. Taking a ratio equal to three as the threshold value, the fixed success rates of ambiguity were 88.0% without multipath mitigation and 99.4% after mitigating the multipath with MHM_V. The MHM_V algorithm can effectively improve the success rate, reliability, and convergence rate of ambiguity resolution in a bridge multipath environment and perform better than the MHM algorithm.
doi:10.3390/rs13122259 fatcat:fo5tw4wpdndg7ldsacau63n3q4