Excretion Urography in Acute Renal Failure

W. R. Cattell, I. K. Fry
1973 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
device. We have in fact described a device which meets these reauirements in full.1 The first part, operated by the pressure of the oxygen supply, comes into operation when the oxygen is turned on and cannot be turned off. When the oxygen pressure begins to fall the device sounds a warning, then cuts off other vanours or eases and opens the breathing circunt to atm here. However, after failure little or no air is drawn in because rebreathing occurs to and from the reservoir bag and this could
more » ... ag and this could result in asvhyxia. The second Loart of the device is essential to Prevent this rebreathing. The whole device will ooerate whether the system is semi-open or closed and whether the rebreathing is spontaneous or artificial. The device is manufactured by the British Oxygen Conmany and the first part is already freely available. However, the manufacturer cannot yet give us a supply date for the complete devices, which have been on order now for more than two years.-We are, etc.,
doi:10.1136/bmj.4.5885.168-a fatcat:5hbewqauwfffjptwtlw5spj6ey