Exceptional electromagnetic interference shielding properties of ferromagnetic microwires enabled polymer composites

F. X. Qin, H. X. Peng, N. Pankratov, M. H. Phan, L. V. Panina, M. Ipatov, V. Zhukova, A. Zhukov, J. Gonzalez
2010 Journal of Applied Physics  
We present systematic studies of the electromagnetic interference ͑EMI͒ shielding and microwave properties of a new class of shielding material, i.e., the ferromagnetic microwires-embedded polymer composites. We show that at 1-2 GHz the shielding effectiveness ͑SE͒ of the continuous-wire composite reaches a high value of 18 dB ͑98.4% attenuation͒ for a very low filler loading of 0.024% and a thickness of 0.64 mm. The normalized SE of this new composite is about 70 times higher than that of the
more » ... ucky paper-based composite and is two to four orders of magnitude higher than those of other shielding candidate materials. Complex permeability, permittivity, and impedance experiments reveal that the absorption of electromagnetic radiation is a dominant mechanism for EMI shielding of the studied composites. The advantages of high shielding efficiency, good physical integrity, low fabrication costs, and multifunctionalities make them an attractive candidate material for a variety of technological applications.
doi:10.1063/1.3471816 fatcat:6wvqqotq5na3toy57gnwb5xhpy