Study on the Correlation between the Microstructure Characteristics and Corrosion Behaviors of 2A12-T4 Aluminum Alloy under Thermal Strain

Shuaihao Qian, Timing Zhang, Yuhua Chen, Hongxiang Li, Jilin Xie, Peng He
2021 Metals  
In this study, the welding thermal simulation technology was used to prepare samples under different peak temperatures and strain levels in order to reveal the effects of thermal strain on the microstructure characteristics and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy. Furthermore, the correlation between microstructure evolution law and corrosion behavior was studied by analyzing the microstructure characteristics and performing electrochemical polarization curve tests. Results showed that the
more » ... s showed that the amount and distribution of the precipitated phase were the main factors affecting the corrosion behavior of aluminum alloy. The precipitated phase was distributed along the direction of tensile strain, and the grain size was coarsened from 152 to 260 μm (and even exceeded 280 μm) after experiencing peak temperatures of 300 and 400 °C. In addition, the risk of corrosion for the samples that experienced thermal strain was increased compared to those that did not undergo tensile strain. The samples that experienced a peak temperature of 300 °C presented the best corrosion resistance as the precipitated phase was evenly distributed in the matrix. However, when the peak temperature was 400 °C and the strain was 8%, the number and density of the precipitated phase increased due to the dynamic recrystallization, and the corrosion resistance of the sample became the worst. Finally, the microstructure analysis results showed that dynamic recrystallization occurred in the sample with a peak temperature of 400 °C, and the precipitated phase was mainly distributed along the grain boundaries. This led to the decrease of the corrosion resistance of grain boundaries, and the corrosion developed from pitting corrosion to intergranular corrosion.
doi:10.3390/met11060924 fatcat:ib6tqrsy5reipom3let46xmesm