Total decay and transition rates from LQCD

Maxwell T. Hansen, Harvey B. Meyer, Daniel Robaina, M. Della Morte, P. Fritzsch, E. Gámiz Sánchez, C. Pena Ruano
2018 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We present a new technique for extracting total transition rates into final states with any number of hadrons from lattice QCD. The method involves constructing a finite-volume Euclidean four-point function whose corresponding infinite-volume spectral function gives access to the decay and transition rates into all allowed final states. The inverse problem of calculating the spectral function is solved via the Backus-Gilbert method, which automatically includes a smoothing procedure. This
more » ... ing is in fact required so that an infinite-volume limit of the spectral function exists. Using a numerical toy example we find that reasonable precision can be achieved with realistic lattice data. In addition, we discuss possible extensions of our approach and, as an example application, prospects for applying the formalism to study the onset of deep-inelastic scattering. More details are given in the published version of this work, Ref. [1].
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201817513021 fatcat:3vkxdzmdingkbafrxt3filwj4a