Unique Method for Simulation of Bolt Pre-Load

2021 figshare.com  
This paper describes the modelling approach for simulating bolt pre-loads when there is interference in the bolt-nut CAD or in the FE model. In general, the Bolt and Nut will have interference in the CAD at the thread region during the CAD modelling. When it comes to simulation, either interference regions are de-featured or ignored. There will always be a question on the validity of results when assumptions like beams with rigid elements or bonded contacts are used for simulating the bolts
more » ... preloads. The proposed beam with thermal expansion (BTE) has the advantage of using the actual 3d bolt and nut geometry even when there is CAD interference. The method ensures that the contact area and the relative movements between the components are captured as-it-is in the actual scenario. It is specifically very useful in the bolt overload clamping simulations. BTE method can also be used in various other load cases scenarios like Load by Force, displacement and Moment. This method is successfully followed in various automotive projects and has shown good co-relation between the test results and the simulation results.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14178542.v1 fatcat:4db3wmawfrbldeg6ddwrx6hidy