Dr. Vipul Nimbalkar
2022 Dogo Rangsang Research Journal  
The extraordinarily infectious sickness coronavirus has had a worldwide effect within the twelve months of 2020. This unpredictable and remarkable calamity has pushed economies to battle and strive. Most of the sectors within the financial system were significantly hit, which caused significant financial strain. There is a paradigm shift within the round drift of earnings, which has affected the way of life and modified human beings' spending and funding behaviour. This looks at objectives to
more » ... derstand how the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the economic decision-making and funding preferences of retail buyers. This study paper also researches the changes in the spending patterns of human beings for the duration of the lockdown because of COVID-19. A sample survey was performed via a based questionnaire to determine the effect of the pandemic on people's investment choices inside the town of the Pune region. A random sampling technique has been used to acquire the information for the study. The examine's findings display that human beings' existence and spending habits have changed significantly due to the pandemic worry and lockdown. The study additionally suggests that there has been a shift in the spending preferences of people toward healthy products and essentials.
doi:10.36893/drsr.2021.v12i01.794-804 fatcat:4hlstieopjhinizooftwavfl2e