Effects of passive and active modified atmosphere packaging conditions on quality parameters of minimally processed table grapes during cold storage

G. Liguori, S. D'Aquino, G. Sortino, C. De Pasquale, P. Inglese
2015 Journal of Berry Research  
BACKGROUND: Table grape is a non-climacteric berry, sensitive to water loss and gray mold during postharvest storage. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of passive and active modified atmosphere packaging on quality parameters of minimally processed table grapes. METHODS: 'Red Globe' minimally processed table grapes were dipped in a sodium hypochlorite solution and irradiated with ultraviolet-C, before being packaged in a rigid polypropylene boxes, sealed with a micro perforated polypropylene film
more » ... polypropylene film (PP) or a continuous polyethylene film, with: a) 5% O 2 + 15% CO 2 + 80% N (PET1); b) 20% CO 2 + air (PET2). Samples were stored at 5 • C for 21 days plus and additional 6-day period at 20 • C to simulate shelf-life. RESULTS: No chemical and sensory changes during storage occurred in fruit sealed in PP packages. The high in-package CO 2 partial pressure which increased in PET1 and PET2 combined with the reduced concentration of O 2 , increased decay incidence, stimulated anaerobic respiration, hastened soluble sugars degradation, produced higher weight loss and altered sensory quality. CONCLUSIONS: Quality of minimally processed 'Red Globe' was better maintained in PP packaging where air-composition was not changed than in PET1 and PET2 where toxic levels of CO 2 and reduced tension of O 2 hastened quality loss and increased decay incidence.
doi:10.3233/jbr-150101 fatcat:con6etmd6bgwzj34jpoydcyy6y