Issues in the Assessment of Gravity Mass Flow Hazard in the Storegga Area Off the Western Norwegian Coast [chapter]

D. Issler, F. V. De Blasio, A. Elverhøi, T. Ilstad, H. Haflidason, P. Bryn, R. Lien
2003 Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research  
Statistical analysis of the lobes of the Storegga slide reveals a power-law dependence of the runout distance on the release volume. For small to moderate volumes, visco-plastic models with a (remoulded) yield strength of about 10 kPa reproduce this dependence quite well, in contrast to granular-friction models. However, either progressive wetting of the bottom shear layer or hydroplaning has to be invoked to explain the extreme runout distance and the sediment distribution of the largest slide
more » ... f the largest slide phase. Preliminary estimates of the turbidite volume put severe constraints on the formation rate and density of the turbidity currents accompanying the slide.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-0093-2_26 fatcat:aaxfo3n33zcwnil6liwszkccfe