Tutors' role in tutorials: 'Unpacking' and 'repacking' during the semantic journey

S.L. Hassan
2017 South African Journal of Higher Education  
This empirical and theoretically driven evaluation study enacts Karl Maton's Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) concepts of semantic Gravity and semantic Density in the investigation of tutors' movements downwards ('unpacking') and upwards ('repacking') along the semantic scale, during tutorials. The findings revealed that the pedagogical strategies adopted by tutors enabled them to strengthen and weaken both SG and SD, for semantic wave construction and cumulative knowledge building. For example,
more » ... y explaining concepts and using examples, tutors helped tutees move knowledge downwards (SG+, SD-) on the semantic scale. Tutors also moved upwards on the semantic scale (SG-, SD+) by focusing on the application of formulae and supporting tutees in practical experiments. The implications of this study for future tutor training programmes are that while it is important to train tutors on how to teach in semantic waves, academic staff will need to be trained on the same as well.
doi:10.20853/31-3-626 fatcat:dy4fcl6vffhfbg6727q3b4se4m