Aggregation-governed oriented growth of inorganic crystals at an organic template

Sumit Kewalramani, Geoffrey Dommett, Kyungil Kim, Guennadi Evmenenko, Haiding Mo, Benjamin Stripe, Pulak Dutta
2006 Journal of Chemical Physics  
X-ray studies performed during the growth of CdCO 3 and MnCO 3 crystals from supersaturated aqueous solutions, at fatty acid monolayer templates, reveal that the nucleates are nearly three-dimensional powders below a threshold supersaturation. However, at higher supersaturations, the crystals are preferentially oriented with the ͕0 1 2͖ direction vertical. Scanning electron microscope images of samples transferred to substrates show discrete crystals at low concentrations, while at higher
more » ... trations the crystals self-aggregate to form linear chains and sheets. The authors speculate that preferential alignment at the organic-inorganic interface is enhanced as a consequence of oriented aggregation of crystals. The role of monolayer-ion interactions in governing the morphologies and the resulting orientation of the inorganic nucleate is discussed.
doi:10.1063/1.2424937 pmid:17176160 fatcat:rddepkxavjeuzmqd2masy73xre